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Monday, February 2, 2015

Speaker Carl Heastie?

Speaker Carl Heastie?
Why Bronx Pol is Poised to Replace Silver
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By Robert Press
BRONX, NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 2- It is now a foregone conclusion that Bronx Assemblyman Carl Heastie will be the next speaker of the state assembly. Former Speaker Sheldon Silver has stepped down as of Monday 11:59 p.m. and the Interim Speaker is now Assemblyman Joseph Morelle. It is only a formality that the assembly votes in Heastie (which may have already been done by the time you read this) on or before the February 10th mandated deadline for a vote.
As of our deadline it is only a matter of time that the only other assembly member who announced for the speaker ship role Assemblywoman Kathleen Nolan drops out to support Heastie. Nolan is from Queens where Queens Democratic County Leader Joe Crowley has announced the Queens county organization's support of Heastie to be the next speaker of the assembly.
One aftershock of Carl Heastie becoming Speaker is that he will be giving up his position of Bronx Democratic County Leader. Right now there are two friendly Bronx elected officials who might be vying for the position of Bronx Democratic County Leader. The two are the current Bronx Democratic County Committee Chairman Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo of TEAM DIAZ. That could allow a third candidate to possibly put together enough votes to become a force in the negotiations, or even become the next county leader. City Council members and the Borough President can not become the county leader because a city elected official is barred from holding that position. That is why county leaders are state or federal elected officials, as is the case in Queens with Congressman Crowley, Manhattan with Assemblyman Wright, and the Bronx with Assemblyman Heastie. Heastie does not have to step down as county leader, but he would not be able to give the proper attention to both the speaker ship and county leader position.
Go to my blog at for daily updates on the next speaker “The Bronx's Own” Carl Heastie, and for whom his replacement as Bronx Democratic County Leader might be. There is a look at Assemblyman Heastie from his days at Harry S. Truman High School circa 1985. He hasn't changed much, still with that boyish look, but he had a full head of hair in high school.
As for the U. S. Attorney's office looking into new speaker Heastie's affairs, as county leader a few years ago that was tried with an assemblyman as a mole from the U. S. Attorney's office. That assemblyman however found nothing, and was allowed to be re-elected twice after a Grand Jury found evidence of fraud. That assemblyman finally is no longer in office.
Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie will have a lot to do, and be pulled from all sides. He must remember what his job is, ignore lobbyists, and don't buckle under to the Governor and Senate Majority Leader. Speaker Heastie you are the hope of millions of people.
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