Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stop laptop thieves by marking your items

NYPD Community Affairs Bureau 
Crime Prevention Section 
Weekly Crime Prevention Tip
Mark it . . Register it . . Keep it!
BRONX, NEW YORK, September 27- Almost 1/3 of all laptop thefts occur during the course of a burglary. Once a thief is in your home, small portable electronic items are easily removed and often easily sold. Would you buy a second-hand laptop if it had an NYPD ID number engraved on it?  
Engraving items makes it harder for criminals to dispose of valuables through dark-market channels, and may even deter theft. It can also help reunite you with your lost property.
The NYPD offers a free program – “Operation ID” - whereby a unique serial number is engraved on all portable valuable electronics and the owner’s information is registered with the Police Department. This program can be implemented by contacting your local Precinct's Crime Prevention Officer, or the Community Affairs Bureau direct at 646-610-5323
For more information on all of the programs we offer, or for additional crime prevention tips, please visit our website –
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